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Nearly two-thirds 65pc of the wines available for sale at Lidl represent good value, according to a tasting panel who assigned a monetary value to each vintage they tasted and comparing it to the actual price tag. Aldi came second with 64pc of the wines on its shelves considered a "true bargain" and Asda came third with 48pc.

Tasting Pinot Grigio from Sainsbury's (Episode 70 Part 2)

At Morrisons, 60pc of wines are poor value, according to Wotwine; the figure was 59pc at the Co-op. Their value is the best in the market making them our wine supermarket of the year.

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Wotwine tasted 4, wines, which it said represents "nearly all wines available in British supermarket", over the course of months. This Christmas, it's all about luxury foods on a budget. Morrisons targets Aldi and Lidl shoppers for Christmas. Lidl launches men's fashion range. This is the not the first praise that Lidl's wine strategy has earned this week.

On Monday, the wine consultant and commentator Robert Joseph, told the Digital Wine and Communications Conference in Montreux, Switzerland, that other retailers could learn a lot from how Lidl sells its wares. Mr Joseph highlighted Aldi's technique of telling shoppers that certain bottles were "the perfect gift" or "great for a dinner party".

Cheap wine deals: Best supermarket wine boozy offers from Sainsbury's supermarket, Tesco and Asda

He said that this tapped into the way that people think and buy wine. Lidl has also won plaudits for its wine marketing strategy. In the past it has incorporated tweets from customers praising its wine in advertising campaigns as this series of tweets between Lidl and Scott Balcony, a t-shirt printer from Uxbridge, demonstrate Lidl are doing a Chianti and it's well nice.

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